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ERASMUS students were introduced to AKADEMIA

The Erasmus students and those who attend the Portuguese language course organized by the University of Beira Interior had been invited on Thursday, 12th of November, by those from the Akademia Magazine for a presentation of the publication and for a traditional magusto, with chestnuts and jeropiga (an alcoholic beverage made from partially-fermented malt, found mainly in Portugal).

> Ana-Maria Matei (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

Those over 80 Erasmus students that participated at the event gathered on the esplanade of the Academic Association’s Bar (BA) starting with 9 o' clock in the evening, and everything continued with music and fun up to 1h A.M.

Akademia Magazine had its first edition a year ago, on the 6th of October 2008 and is a bimonthly academic journal where students can learn more about what is on University. The publication has the goal to present the latest news about the academy, and also a wide range of topics, everything along about 70 pages. Guilherme Aragonez, the director of the magazine said that “this project provides to the Erasmus students as well the opportunity to participate in a semi-professional UBI experience”.

Those ones that want to participate to the development of the Akademia can send articles about everything that they consider paying interest and is worthy to be read, photographies, photo reports, and after a strict selection only the most attractive materials will be published. But there is also the chance that, due to the lack of space in the pages of the magazine, the good articles to appear on the online edition of the Akademia.

The representatives of the Academic Association mentioned a new place for spending time in a pleasant way and special prizes for the Erasmus students. The authors of the most interesting articles can enjoy special rewards, being invited to be for a weekend a part of the family of a member of the editorial team. This is an attempt to integrate the foreign students in real Portuguese homes and families, so they can observe another culture, different from theirs, other culinary delights, and so on. As for the fun, the 12th of November has also been the day when the lounge club Akademia, had been opened in the centre of the city.

For each edition of the magazine are printed like 1000 copies and are available for free in various areas like bars and libraries. The Akademia can also be found in a digital format.

After the presentation the students enjoyed the chestnuts, jeropiga and beer, the photo cameras could barely handle the event, and even if it was not in the program, been delighted with the music played by Tuna Médica of UBI. Been proved once again that the Erasmus knows how to have fun, that they are curious and that all the time they want to find new things, not only about Portugal but little bits from around all Europe.

At the end everyone promised that will send at least one article with a funny happening that took place in this new adoptive country, in Covilhã or even residence hall, but next edition of Akademia will show who kept its word.

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