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Jornal Online da UBI, da Covilhã, da Região e do Resto
Director: João Canavilhas Director-adjunto: Anabela Gradim
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Susana Russo in the show

Songs, Love, Anger and Jungle

DAS CIDADES Por debaixo esgotos sobre o solo, Nada e por cima o fumo, Ali vivemos nós sem gozo nem consolo. Depressa passámos nelas. E, devagar, também elas seguem o nosso rumo. Bertolt Brecht

> Ana-Maria Matei (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

The Festival de Teatro da Covilhã, organized by Teatro das Beiras, had this Saturday night, 14th of November, two shows for the 8th night with music and acting, the first one , The Fly, that started at 21h30, and the second one, Songs of Love and Anger in the Jungle of Cities was scheduled for 23h00. This final one was a translation of the modern times that pass by us. The uncertainties of the future, the need of taking another road, the necessity of constructing other destinies, the will to discover in the person near us a friend and not a hungry wolf, the uselessness of the wars and hate, the chaotic cities, all these been “painted” in songs performed by Susana Russo.

The show been divided in several parts, each of them being “characterized” by words from a more or less hidden voice that stood somewhere in the background, an omniscient narrator that just wanted to define and show once again what is going on in the world.  The songs been sung in different languages, most of them in Portuguese, and others in English, German and French, a true inspired choice to reveal one of the ideas of the show, that of a mixed world. Everything stood   under the signs of passion, attitude and determination, the spectators been subtly advised to give up on wearing masks and to become themselves again.

The conclusion from the end was quite obvious:  how are we going to handle with transforming Earth into a better place and transmit hope to our descendants.  After all, "sonhar não custa!"

Susana Russo in the show
Susana Russo in the show "Songs of Love and Anger in the Jungle of Cities"

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