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Telma Saião and João Bastos in the show

“The Fly” flew on Saturday night

Saturday night, on 14th of November, starting with 21h30, it was The Fly´s turn to fly on the stage of the Theater Festival of Covilhã, Edition 2009.

> Ana-Maria Matei (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

Saturday night, at the known hour, 21h30, when half of the allocated time for the festival had already passed, it was the turn of the actors from the play The Fly to show what they can do and how they can do it.

Watching a musical with autobiographic notes, with explosions of experiences and feelings, the spectators had no reasons to feel sorry for making the decision to watch this show. Pim, character played by Telma Saião, is telling her life and believes that music is one of the best methods of expressing herself.

She´s presenting her life and her choices, is singing the love and the memories, laughs and falls in love with an wandering cowboy, fells down and stands back up, laughs again, is dancing, drinks and does not regret anything, lives her live as she knows best. Cool, character played by João Bastos, is the image of the man who comes and leaves from her life whenever he is in the mood.

As seen on the stage, at some point between the two interferes a fly. Cool kills it and so this action of him becomes the reason for a fight. In fact, in this symbol of the helpless fly, stands the whole power of the show and the charm of the story. The Fly is nothing but a metaphor, a reason to stop time for a second and look at things differently.

The human needs only a pretext to act, and if it really wants to do something, like killing, won´t think for too long and just act. Took the life of an insect but tomorrow, in a similar way, can take anybody else´s life, of a friend or an unknown person, without felling sorry and without remorse.

This is in fact the real story and makes us think to better judge the things that are around us. The young actress, Telma Saião, confessed that: “The play has autobiographic notes, the songs that I sang during the show influenced me at some point and marked some periods of time from my life. It is true, I do not have regrets, remember the Edith Piaf´s song, Non, Je ne regrette rien, and the fact that I have also chosen She's Lost Control is pure irony, so far I had the strength for good reactions and I have never lost my control”, concluded Telma.

The play, by its own composition, will always fit the times, no matter the persons or the backgrounds, because after all we all get in and out of life whenever we are in the mood for or when we are forced by circumstances.

Telma Saião and João Bastos in the show
Telma Saião and João Bastos in the show "The Fly"

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